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Meniscus (#17)


Meniscus (#17)

Meniscus is one of my favorite words. It has many definitions, but i always think of it in terms of surface tension that allows a liquid to rise above the level of the container its in. Part of the reason i like it is that you don't get to use it very often, but its fun when you do (Fortnight would be another). This podcast could be considered a musical meniscus since there is so much more good music stuffed in one podcast then seem possible . Or not.  Haven't been a Moby fan for a long time, but like his new album. mellow and good. Really excited about The xx. get the album now. Yes the passion pit track is sugary, but its fun so screw you. check out their other stuff for less pop.  The Horrors track is sooo great. goes on forever and than takes an unexpected twist. def my cup of tea.  Miike Snow is one of my favorite albums right now and i hope this isn't just a one-off project.  Grace Jones is 50 62(!) and still bringing it with a nice assist from Aeroplane. If i could put an erlend oye track on every podcast i'd be happy (i almost have). And remixed by The Twelves? hell yeah!  Lastly a new Underworld collaboration, this time with Mark Knight.  In other news, my podcast now has almost 1,200 subscribers. crazy.

Meniscus Tracklisting:

Moby - Mistake

The xx - Heart Skipped A Beat

The Golden Filter - Favourite Things

Passion Pit - Little Secrets

Miike Snow - Sylvia

Fever Ray - Seven (CSS Remix)

The Horrors - Sea Within a Sea

Grace Jones - Williams' Blood (Aeroplance Remix)

Erlend Oye - Sudden Rush (The Twelves)

Yacht - Psychic City (Rory Phillips Remix)

Metric - Sick Muse (Adam Freeland Remix)

Underworld/Mark Knight - Downpipe (original club mix)